Why See An Orthodontist Near Me?

Like with everything in today’s day and age, you have plenty of options on where to get your orthodontic treatment. Still, there are only some things a local orthodontist can do. Dr. Lili & Associates does not want to discourage you from pursuing the option you believe is best for you and your family. However, we urge you to consider seeing an in-person orthodontist. If you’re wondering, “Why see an orthodontist near me?” we will gladly tell you!

We Treat You Like Family

When you become a patient at Dr. Lili & Associates, you become a part of our family. Throughout your time with us, we build a relationship with you. This connection is often missing from virtual programs or offices farther away, where you are likelier to feel like a case number or just another patient. 

From the moment you place your first phone call or appointment inquiry with us, we strive to provide you with the high-quality service we would demand for our family members. Our warm and inviting team prioritizes you and your needs daily and encourages all questions you may have!

Office Looks Like A Spa

We understand that seeing medical professionals can be easy-peasy for some, intimidating for others, and frightening for a select few. When we created Dr. Lili & Associates, we knew we wanted everyone to feel welcome and comfortable at every visit. This goal inspired us to create offices with a spa-like atmosphere with the intent of helping all patients—no matter their level of anxiety—feel at ease and confident. 

Thorough Examinations

You’re in capable hands when you choose an online provider or dentist to tend to your orthodontic care, but when you select an in-person orthodontist, you are in better-equipped, better-trained hands. Combining our excellent staff with our spa-like atmosphere makes you feel relaxed at every appointment without lifting a finger!

You see, dentists and online providers cannot do something essential regarding your treatment. They cannot give you a thorough examination! Direct-to-consumer services do not have the ability to give you X-rays or 3D digital scans, which provide more detailed and accurate information than simple at-home molds or photographs. This insufficient process means they miss crucial information that keeps your treatment safe! On the other hand, dentists might be able to perform both of these services, but they lack an orthodontist’s trained eye. Because our orthodontists are specifically trained in the art of teeth and jaw alignments, we can offer you better insight and results than a dentist. Since orthodontic offices don’t require tools for dental screenings, we have more space for orthodontic equipment and evaluations — meaning we have no other priority than your smile and bite alignment!

A thorough examination of your teeth, jaw, and facial structure is essential to ensure the health of your teeth and gums, avoid unnecessary pain, and give you not only functional results but flattering ones as well. 

Important: Dentists are fantastic oral healthcare providers, and you will need to continue to see one before, during, and after your orthodontic care to ensure your oral health. Orthodontists and dentists just specialize in different services, and we recommend visiting the one appropriate for the issue you wish to address.

If you’re wondering, “Why see an orthodontist near me?” our Dr. Lili & Associates team will gladly tell you!

Various Treatment Options

Unlike online offices and dental providers offering just one form of treatment (clear aligners), we offer multiple! We understand that not everyone’s lifestyles and orthodontic needs are the same, and therefore know that form of treatment would not allow us to take care of as many patients in Anaheim, El Monte, Huntington Park, Lawndale, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Whittier as we would like to! 

Removable clear aligners are a fantastic treatment option. In fact, we love clear aligners so much that we offer two kinds—Invisalign and Clear Choice Aligners. However, some patients do not want, or their needs are too complex for, a removable tray.

For those patients, we offer self-ligating metal braces (a modern take on traditional braces) and clear braces (brackets are made of a tooth-colored material for a subtle appearance). These fixed braces can handle more complicated cases and are perfect for patients of even simple cases who don’t want the responsibility of removable braces.

Our various orthodontic treatment options and in-person exams also allow us to provide treatment to patients as young as seven years old. In contrast, many online providers require you to have all your adult teeth and be eighteen or older. Why does this matter? Sometimes early intervention is necessary to prevent more serious issues from arising in the future, or an orthodontic problem might be more easily handled when the jaw bone has not solidified with age. Essentially, your whole family can receive treatment from the orthodontists you know and trust at Dr. Lil & Associates!

Affordable Treatment

As with many important decisions in life, cost is a huge deciding factor in a person’s decision to move forward. Dr. Lili & Associates wants to give our community quality care that doesn’t require you to dip into your savings. We offer affordable care, partnership with many insurance companies, and flexible payment plans so we can turn your question from, “Can I afford this?” to “I didn’t know this was so affordable! When can I start?”

If you have questions regarding insurance, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is here for you, even before your first visit.

We Pay It Forward

When you become a Dr. Lili & Associates patient, you are not just helping yourself; you’re helping your community! We know that we would not be able to do any of this without your continued support year after year, and that is why we want to pay it forward! We participate in many local charities and donate money to help our communities thrive and grow. Some examples are toy drives, Goodwill donations, and local high school donations. While your dentist might do similar extra circulars for our community, your online provider most likely doesn’t!

If you’re wondering, “Why see an orthodontist near me?” our Dr. Lili & Associates team will gladly tell you!

Visit Dr. Lili & Associates To Experience The Difference For Yourself!

Please schedule a complimentary consultation with us to learn more about us or discover what your treatment program might entail! At these appointments, we will answer all your questions, give you a thorough exam, and break down the cost of treatment for you. Because these appointments are valid for patients of all ages, you can discover if your little one even needs care before you pay a penny.

We hope to see you at our Anaheim, El Monte, Huntington Park, Lawndale, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, or Whittier offices very soon!