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Orthodontist Los Angeles

Lili Mirtorabi, D.D.S., M.S.

Originally from Palos Verdes/South Bay, California, Dr. Lili Mirtorabi loves orthodontics and can't imagine doing anything else.

Dr. Lili values high ethical and moral standards and has pursued this philosophy in her personal and professional life. She's blessed with our supportive and excellent team of orthodontists and staff to mentor.

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orthodontist office los angeles

Jennifer Wu, D.D.S., M.S.

A native of Southern California, Dr. Wu was born and raised in San Diego. Dr. Wu loves creating beautiful smiles and watching patients transform throughout their orthodontic journey.

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Huntington Park Doctors

Dr. Janice Lee

Meet Dr. Janice Lee

Dr. Lee understands that building a tailored smile takes time and trust. Dr. Lee believes in conservative orthodontics and treating each patient with compassion and respect.

Dr. Jenny Jeon

Meet Dr. Jenny Jeon

Dr. Jeon was inspired to become an orthodontist by her mother, who was in the same profession. Dr. Jeon is passionate about transforming smiles through the latest treatments and technology.

Dr. Lawrence Lin

Meet Dr. Lawrence Lin

Dr. Lin is grateful every day to be living his dream of giving patients smiles they love. He cherishes the bonds he forms with patients and loves seeing the joy that comes with a transformed smile.

Santa Ana Doctors

Dr. Jessica Liu

Meet Dr. Jessica Liu

Born and raised in Niagara Falls, Canada, Dr. Liu is happy to be living her dream as an orthodontist. She considers herself lucky to be in a profession that allows her to make a difference in people's lives.

Dr. Sheila Luwiharto

Meet Dr. Shelia Luwiharto

Dr. Luwiharto is originally from Los Angeles and currently resides in Orange County. She loves that orthodontics allows her to build confidence in other people’s lives.

Lawndale Doctor

Dr. Melineh Dereghishian

Meet Dr. Melineh Dereghishian

Dr. Dereghishian is passionate about creating smiles in her Southern California home. As an orthodontist, she treats the individual rather than just the misaligned teeth. Her goal is to make orthodontics as enjoyable for her patients as it is for her!

Dr. Jung Headshot

Meet Dr. Bethany Jung

Dr. Jung loves watching someone’s smile transform and their confidence grow as a result of something she helped create. It makes her job the best job in the world! As an orthodontist, she feels incredibly blessed and privileged to be able to impact lives in this way. It’s what motivates her to provide the best quality of care and overall experience for her patients every day.

El Monte Doctor

Dr. Yoonie Heo

Meet Dr. Yoonie Heo

Dr. Heo is always grateful and honored to be a part of each patient's orthodontic journey and share their happiness and satisfaction. Having parents who are both dentists, Dr. Heo wanted to pursue a career in dentistry early on in life. After her orthodontic treatment, Dr. Heo realized she wanted to give others the same experience every day.

Whittier Doctor

Dr, Carrie Imoto

Meet Dr. Carrie Imoto

Dr. Imoto is passionate about working with patients of all ages and providing them the smile they deserve. Having had crooked teeth once herself, Dr. Imoto can empathize and help guide you through the treatment process.

Anaheim Doctor

Dr. Grace Hur

Meet Dr. Grace Hur

Dr. Hur loves orthodontics and working with so many unique individuals every day. She values the opportunity to see her patients learn and grow as they go through treatment.

Los Angeles Doctor

Dr. Sue Kim

Meet Dr. Sue Kim

Dr. Kim feels highly privileged to be an orthodontist and loves every aspect of the job! Every case is unique, and she loves the critical thinking and creativity involved in creating the perfect treatment plan for every patient.