Can I Still Play Sports With Braces?

At Dr. Lili & Associates, Dr. Lili, Dr. Wu, and the rest of the team passionately advocate for the benefits of organized sports in focusing the minds of children and teenagers while imparting valuable life lessons. And let’s not forget, they’re incredibly fun too! Some parents may wonder if it’s safe for their teen to keep playing sports during treatment, or maybe you’re a teen yourself and wondering, ‘Can I still play sports with braces?’ Read on to find out! 

Braces & Sports: Getting Started 

If you’re just getting started on your orthodontic journey with braces, you may be wondering what it will look like to add sports to the mix. Well, never fear! With the right tools and a little common sense, there’s no reason you should have to give up your favorite pastime during your care. 

Safety First: Protecting Your Smile

The foremost concern about playing sports with braces revolves around safety. The possibility of oral injuries due to impacts or falls is a genuine risk that athletes must be aware of. Such incidents can lead not only to damage to the braces themselves but also to injuries to the mouth and gums, which can complicate the orthodontic treatment and cause discomfort. However, with the right precautions, athletes can continue to enjoy their sports activities without undue worry. Playing sports with braces doesn’t need to be a problem! 

Performance Matters: Does It Change?

Athletes might also question whether wearing braces will affect their sports performance. While it’s natural to experience a brief adjustment period as you get used to your new braces, the impact on your overall sports performance should be minimal. The human body is remarkably adaptable, and most athletes find that they can return to their pre-braces level of performance once they’ve adjusted to the initial sensation of wearing braces during physical activity.

Protective Gear & You: The Need-to-Know

Ensuring the safety of your teeth and braces during sports activities is crucial, and the right protective gear plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. Let’s take a look at some of the types of protective equipment and see what they can do to safeguard your orthodontic investment.  

Mouthguards: A Must-Have for Athletes

The importance of wearing a mouthguard cannot be overstated for anyone participating in sports, but it becomes even more critical for playing sports with braces. A high-quality, properly fitted mouthguard provides a protective barrier that absorbs and distributes the force of impacts, greatly reducing the risk of oral injuries. Dr. Lili, Dr. Wu, and the team at Dr. Lili & Associates can advise on the best types of mouthguards for braces wearers, including options for custom-fitted mouthguards that offer superior comfort and protection. That’s just one of our safety tips for braces. Let’s take a look at some more. 

Specialized Sports Gear for Braces

In addition to mouthguards, there are other pieces of specialized sports gear designed to be braces-friendly. These include orthodontic lip protectors and faceguards for certain contact sports. Such gear is designed to offer extra protection to your face and mouth, minimizing the risk of injuries to your braces and soft tissues. Engaging in sports activities while wearing braces doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety, provided you equip yourself with the appropriate protective gear.

Can I Still Play Sports With Braces?

Questions & Answers 

While the decision to wear braces should not prevent you from enjoying sports, being informed about potential challenges and solutions is essential for a positive experience. This section addresses common concerns faced by athletes with braces and provides practical advice to mitigate these issues.

Dealing with Discomfort During Physical Activity

It’s not uncommon for athletes to experience some discomfort from their braces during intense physical activity, especially in the initial stages of their treatment. Strategies such as using orthodontic wax on specific brackets can alleviate discomfort, and over-the-counter pain relievers can help manage soreness after particularly strenuous activities.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene with an Active Lifestyle

Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is paramount for braces wearers, and an active lifestyle necessitates a proactive approach to dental care. Dr. Lil & Dr. Wu emphasizes the importance of thorough brushing and flossing after every meal and sports activity to prevent food particles and bacteria from getting trapped around the brackets and wires. Staying diligent with your oral hygiene routine ensures that your orthodontic treatment progresses smoothly and your mouth stays healthy.

Stay Current with Dr. Lili & the Team! 

Engaging in a dialogue with Dr. Lili or Dr. Wu about your sports activities is crucial. They can provide personalized advice and adjustments to your treatment plan to accommodate your athletic pursuits. Whether it’s selecting the right mouthguard, addressing any discomfort, or adjusting your braces for optimal protection, your orthodontist is your best resource for ensuring that your orthodontic treatment and sports activities complement each other effectively.

Tailored Advice for Athletes

Dr. Lili, Dr. Wu and the team at Dr. Lili & Associates specialize in providing tailored orthodontic solutions that cater to the lifestyles of their patients, including athletes. By understanding your specific needs and the demands of your sports activities, they can offer guidance that ensures your orthodontic journey is successful, and your participation in sports remains uninterrupted and safe.

Regular Check-Ups and Adjustments

Regular check-ups are essential for playing sports with braces, as these appointments help Dr. Lili or Dr. Wu monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments you may need. These visits are also an opportunity to address any concerns you may have about your braces and sports, ensuring that you receive timely advice and interventions if needed.

Can I Still Play Sports With Braces?

Let’s Get Started! 

Just because you or a loved one has braces, that’s no reason to put organized sports on the bench. With the right precautions, protective gear, and guidance from Dr. Lili, Dr. Wu and the team at Dr. Lili & Associates, you can continue to play sports and work towards achieving a beautiful, healthy smile simultaneously. Start your smile journey with a free consultation at our conveniently located in Anaheim, El Monte, Huntington Park, Lawndale, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Whittier offices. We can’t wait to get started!