By opening your first box of aligners, you've taken a big step forward—you've committed to finding your best smile.

Each day your one-of-a-kind Clear Choice Aligners® will bring you closer to the smile you deserve.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your New Smile on Track

Wear your Clear Choice Aligners for at least 22 hours each day. Your teeth will not move into proper alignment if trays are not worn for the prescribed period.

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1. To properly seat clear aligners, place them firmly in your mouth with your fingers. Biting them into place may damage the appliances.

2. Next, gently bite up and down on a cotton roll or another seating device, moving from one side of your mouth to the other.

3. Make sure to apply pressure to each tooth. Remember to reseat clear aligners after removal and at bedtime so they will work while you sleep.

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Caring for Your Smile

  • Keep your clear aligners clean and odor-free by brushing thoroughly daily with a soft toothbrush and dish liquid.
    • (Or your doctor's recommendation.)
  • Never try to sanitize trays by putting them in boiling water, bleach, or the dishwasher.
  • Remove trays before eating.
  • After eating, it’s vital to floss and brush your teeth because clear aligners limit the cleansing, remineralizing effect of saliva and can hold harmful substances against your teeth.
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Things to Note

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  • Aligners are made of plastic and can be ruined by heat.
    • Do not leave them in a hot car or subject them to any kind of excessive heat (including hot beverages).
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  • Chewing on hard objects can damage trays or knock off the "buttons" that keep clear aligners working.
  • If an aligner won't seal or you can't wear it, call us immediately. Don't wait until your next appointment.
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  • When not wearing your aligners, they should be in a case with your name and number on it.
    • If wrapped in a napkin, they are likely to be thrown away.
    • There’s usually a charge to replace lost aligners.
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  • Because sugar and plaque combine to form acid, your Clear Choice Aligner trays can act as an acid trap when they retain residue from sugary or carbonated drinks.
  • Left uncleaned for days or weeks, the acid can demineralize your teeth at an alarming rate causing white spots, swollen gums, and decay.

Final Tips

  • Flicking trays out of position with your tongue and then biting them into place can damage or break your clear aligners.
  • If any sharp outer edges of the trays irritate your mouth, gently smooth the rough area with an emery board.
  • At the end of your treatment, you will need to wear your clear aligners so that your teeth do not move out of alignment.

If you have a problem with your clear aligners, please contact our office for an appointment at (844) 757-9799.